Durable underwater locator finding metal immersed in 1,000+ feet of water.


Durable underwater locator finding metal immersed in 1,000+ feet of water.

Whether you’re searching for metal immersed 10 feet or 1,000 feet in water, the Magnetic Underwater Locator (MUL) is for you. No other underwater locator can go to the depths the MUL does, thanks to its advanced technology. Sensors are housed inside machined titanium for superior durability and strength to depths of 1,000 feet. Plus, the long sensor allows for convenient diver or boat towing.


Key Features

  • Heavy-duty sensor cable acts as lanyard. 30’, 50’, 100’ (non-standard lengths available) 
  • High-quality connectors and “toilet seat” cover over headset jack. “Seacon” connectors available. 
  • Alligator clips for 12v auxiliary power. 
  • Gel-cell auto-charges when auxiliary power connected. 
  • “Zero to “null” gradient. 
  • Permanent gel-cell battery-mounted under electronics panel. 
  • Bull-nosed and tapered sensor on BHG; longer sensor on MUL for diver or boat towing.


Additional information


On, Off, Volume Up and Down, Range setting (Gain or Sensitivity) Up and Down, Zero, Plus and Minus, Auto Zero – Automatic self-adjusting


Audio Frequency Pitch (speaker and jack for headset), Visual LCD Display, Bar Graph – range Gain setting – milligauss, RS-232 PC connection (cable included), control all keypad functions, data log range, keypad and signal settings, works with hyper terminal or equivalent

Power Options

Internal Battery: 12 volt, 7.2Ah sealed lead acid, Battery Life: 72 hours continuous use, charges to full overnight, External Power: 12 to 15 volt, cable included, Internal battery charging circuit is enabled when external power or AC charging cable is connected

Operating Temperature Range

-20° to 150° F (-29° to 66° C)


Electronics: 16.9" x 10" x 6.5", Sensor: 1.625" x 34.875" (4.13cm x 88.58cm)