SubSurface Instruments, AML Plus and AML Pro Products - Badge for Contractors' Top 50 New Products Award

SubSurface Instruments:

Advanced Location Technology

Founded in 1996, SSI has continually grown to become one of the premier manufacturer and distributor of locating equipment with sales to over 80 countries and 6 continents worldwide.


Patented Technology

An innovating force that engineers, manufactures and distributes high-frequency and magnetic locators, pipe and cable locators, leak detectors, leak correlators, borehole gradiometers, pipe inspection cameras, ground fault locators and specialty locators.

AWard Winning Projects

SSI’s most recent innovation, the AML or All Materials Locator, locates buried PVC pipes, PE Pipes, plastic or nearly any other subsurface object more efficiently than ever before.

Reliable Service

Our customers from the water, sewer, power, telecom, cable and gas utilities rely on SSI’s reliability and dependability to make crucial measurements in the world’s most challenging conditions.

Target Industries

SubSurface Instruments Construction Worker Background for What is the AML (All Materials Locator) YouTube Video

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