Powerful Leak Noise Correlator


Powerful Leak Noise Correlator

The Water Leak Correlator is a cutting-edge device designed to revolutionize water leak detection and localization. This advanced equipment employs sophisticated algorithms and acoustic technology to analyze and compare the sound signatures of water leaks in pipelines. By precisely correlating the acoustic signals captured at different points along the pipe network, the correlator pinpoints the exact location of the leak with remarkable accuracy. This non-intrusive and efficient solution not only minimizes water wastage but also reduces the time and resources required for leak detection and repair, making it an indispensable tool for water utilities and infrastructure maintenance teams.

Main Processor Unit

The primary unit is equipped with a 24-bit digital signal processor, which enables expedited correlations. Weighing roughly 5 pounds, this compact device is easily portable throughout the day. It can project up to 6 correlations on a single screen when the 4 transmitters are deployed, and the user can conveniently access each correlation through the touchscreen interface.


The transmitter is designed to be fully submersible and powered by lithium rechargeable batteries. It can be connected to the main unit using cable or radio mode. Additionally, the operator can attach an external antenna to the transmitter when it is connected to a deeper pipe. The system has logger capabilities and the pre-amplifier can be used as a repeater to expand the radio propagation range even if there is no incidental facility near the leak point.

External sensor and cable

External sensors equipped with a 10-foot cable, which are fully submersible, offer a cost-effective means of collecting noise in deeper, muddier access points to pipes and couplers. This solution is ideal for those who require efficient data collection in challenging environments, where traditional methods may not suffice. With this setup, one can expect reliable and accurate readings, even in the most adverse conditions.

Key Features

  • Real-time simultaneous correlation 
  • Up to 6 correlations at once
  • Long-distance wireless communication
  • Logger mode capabilities 
  • Rechargeable Lithium Batteries 
  • Heigh correlation processing ability  
  • Advanced filtering features
  • 7-inch display and touch panel
  • Tough with resin body and rubber protection


Additional information

Main Processor Unit Operating Temperature Range

-10º to 140º

Main Processor Unit External Dimensions

10.7 inches (W) x 7.0 inches (D) x 3.2 inches (H)

Main Processor Unit Weight

Approx. 4.8 lb. (with batteries)

Main Processor Unit Battery

Lithium Ion (rechargeable)

Main Processor Unit Continuous Operating Time

8 hours minimum (at 20°C, backlight OFF)

Main Processor Unit Minimum Operating Voltage


Main Processor Unit Input

Radio x4 or Cable x2

Main Processor Unit Display

7-inch TFT LCD with touch screen

Main Processor Unit Operation

Polarity correlation

Main Processor Unit Td Range

±50ms, ±100ms, d200ms, ±400ms, ±800ms, ±1600ms, 32000ms or automatic setting

Main Processor Unit Time Resolution

25 µs (in ±50ms range), 50 µs (in ±100ms range)
100 µs (in ±200ms range), 200 µs (in ±400ms range)
400 µs (in ±800ms range), 800 µs (in ±1600ms range)

Main Processor Unit Filter Range

THRU, 80Hz to 5,000Hz (4 low and 4 high)

Main Processor Unit Notch Filter

OFF, 50Hz, 60Hz

Main Processor Unit Auto Filter

Automatically selected from FFT operation

Main Processor Unit Data Memory

100 correlations

Main Processor Unit FFT Monitor

1kHz, 2.5kHz, 5kHz (common to both channels)

Main Processor Unit Sound Memory

For 16 seconds

Main Processor Unit External Interface

Antenna, Headphone, Power Switch, Cable, RS-232C

Red, Blue, Yellow and Green Pre-Amplifiers Temp Range

-13º to 140º F

Red, Blue, Yellow and Green Pre-Amplifiers Applicable Standard

IP68 (weather tight)

Red, Blue, Yellow and Green Pre-Amplifiers External Dimensions

3.14 inches (D) x 7.2 inches (H)

Red, Blue, Yellow and Green Pre-Amplifiers Weight

Approx. 6.3 lb. (with batteries)

Red, Blue, Yellow and Green Pre-Amplifiers Battery

Lithium Ion (rechargeable)

Red, Blue, Yellow and Green Pre-Amplifiers Continuous Operating Time

10 hours minimum (at 20ºC, backlight OFF)

Red, Blue, Yellow and Green Pre-Amplifiers Input

Input Frequency Range:
20Hz to 5kHz (at THRU filter setting)
100Hz to 5KHz (at STD filter setting)

Input Sensitivity:
50 micro V, max.

Signal to Noise Ratio:
35dB, min.

Red, Blue, Yellow and Green Pre-Amplifiers Radio Communication System

Output Frequency:
UHF under approved freq.

Direct frequency modulation

Output Power:
0.5W (500mW)

Output Impedance:

Sensors Operation Modes

Correlation / Relay / Logger / Relay+Correlation

Sensors Sensitivity Settings

2.0 (1 to 20) Steps Manual & Auto

Sensors Filter Setting Modes

Common / Through

Sensors Recording

Audio signal recording (300 seconds, logger mode only)

Sensors GPS Function

Transmit position coordinates & elevation to the Main Unit

Sensors Weight

2.2 lbs.