AquaTrac™ 300

Great combination between advanced technology and remarkably straightforward design

AquaTrac™ 300

Great combination between advanced technology and remarkably straightforward design

The AquaTrac 300, our second-generation Water Leak Detector is as reliable and straightforward as its predecessor, but it comes with many new features that will make the detection of water leaks even easier and faster than before.

The AT300 comes equipped with a redesigned ground microphone with new extremely resonating materials and an improved “Piezo” Sensor which makes the water leaks easier to hear and provides a crisp and clear sound of the noises detected underground with the help our the hi-fidelity headphone set.

Pressing the trigger on the handle, enables the sounds through the system, and releasing the trigger disables the sound preventing the user from constantly removing the headphones or lowering the volume to avoid loud noises that may cause hearing damage. The trigger handle comes with an adjustable 4’ cable to attain a comfortable height for any user.

The amplifier box’s clean design features a 4 ¼” touchscreen LCD with a backlit display, a headphone plug, and an ON/OFF switch, all of these powered by a Lithium rechargeable battery. 

The system converts the sounds detected by the microphone to frequencies that are displayed on the screen, allowing the operator to pick from custom or predetermined filters to eliminate unwanted noises, with an extremely useful feature the display will still show all the frequencies detected using a color-coded graph and only allowing the sounds transmitted to the headphones that are inside of the filter’s parameters,  this is extremely helpful when setting up the custom filters on the AT300 advance mode. All the results achieved by altering the filter parameters are transmitted live to the headphones, helping the operator accomplish a more accurate interpretation of the sounds detected by the unit.

The AT300 is the perfect solution for professionals that need to optimize time finding water leaks as well as time training new personnel, and it is so versatile that can be used by contractors and construction workers with very little training.

Key Features

  • Locates water leaks on plastic pipes at a minimum of 12psi
  • Lightweight amplifier box, neck-straps to free up operators hands
  • Three pre-determined frequency filters (low, medium, and high) and customizable frequencies are available through the filters’ menu, down to a 10Hz difference between low and high-frequency limits.
  • Hand-held microphone trigger, for safe and accurate listening of water leaks on utility pipes
  • Rechargeable lithium battery provides the user with long-lasting operation in between charges
  • Three accessories for attachment to the sensor: Ground plate for pinpointing on streets/slabs, magnet base for surveying at hydrants/valves, and contact rods for surveying at meters/fittings.


Additional information

Amplifier Size

6" x 5" x 4"

Amplifier Weight

1.0 lb

Amplifier Input Power

Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery

Amplifier Battery Life

up to 20 hours of continuous use

Amplifier Frequency Range

0 Hz to 5120 Hz

Amplifier Amplification

65 dB ±/- 4 %

Amplifier Warranty

5 Years

ABS Carrying Case Size

20" x 17" x 8"

ABS Carrying Case Weight

15 lbs

LCD Display

Full-color Display

LCD Type

Touch Screen

LCD Size

4.25 inches