Lightweight, high-quality video, Pipe Inspection Camera System


Lightweight, high-quality video, Pipe Inspection Camera System

The IC-12 Pipe Inspection Camera System features a 12mm camera, mounted on a rugged stainless steel IP68 certified enclosure and displays a 65º view angle with excellent quality video and sharp images. 

The 6 pcs LEDs mounted on the front of the camera provide great illumination for inspection, or for creating the perfect conditions to snap a photo or create a video to show the results to your clients.

Designed to follow the corners of pipes and conduits, the IC-12 enclosure has a coil that bends accordingly, giving it the flexibility to move smoothly inside of the pipe.

Install the skid on the head of the camera to improve visibility as well as to protect the camera from sharp corners and other objects inside of the pipes you are inspecting.

Save time and money by inspecting your projects before starting the excavation process, eliminate costly damages, and save time by finding the location of the problem in an easy and accurate way.

Key Features

  • 9″ monitor (image reversible)
  • 12mm camera
  • 6 LED light
  • Picture snap & movie record
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • Customizable User Preferences
  • SD card port
  • ø18mm skid
  • HD resolution
  • Battery level display
  • Lightweight reel
  • Carrying Case
  • Standard US Keyboard
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


Additional information

Camera Head Camera Size

Ø12mm X 115mm

Camera Head Sensor Size

1/4 inch

Camera Head View Angle


Camera Head Work Current/Power


Camera Head Camera Light

6PCS white LEDS

Camera Head Resolution

PAL: 720 X 576
NTSC: 720 X 480

Camera Head Glass Material

Sapphire glass

Camera Head Shell Material

Stainless steel

Cable Wheel Cable Size

Ø330mm X 110(h)

Cable Wheel Wire Material

Fiberglass rod

Cable Wheel Wire Length

40 meters

Cable Wheel Wire Diameter


Monitor Size

9 inch digital color

Monitor Total Pixels

800 X 480

Monitor Work Current/Supply


Monitor OSD Language


Monitor Ratio

16:9 and 4:3

Lithium-Ion Battery Total Power


Lithium-Ion Battery Charge Time

5 hours

Lithium-Ion Battery Protective Voltage


Lithium-Ion Battery Work TIme

≥ 420 minutes

Control Box Power Supply


Control Box Work Current


Control Box Storage Medium

8G SD card (max 256G) / SD card reader

Control Box DVR Total Pixels

720 X 576 (D1)

Control Box Movie Format




Charger Input

AC100-240V – 50/60Hz

Charger Output

DC 12V/1000MA

Charger DC Plug Diameter


Keyboard Size

220(L) X 118(W) X 18(H)mm

Suitcase Size

520(L) X 435(W) X 200(H)mm

Suitcase Material

Engineering plastics