Compact & Lightweight Leak Correlator.


Compact & Lightweight Leak Correlator.

  • The Main Processor Unit, weighing less than 7 lb.,can easily be carried all day. 
  • The Main Processor Unit and the Pre-Amps/Transmitters can operate in rain storms, subzero temps., and direct sun for hours.
  • The new LC-2500 sensors are very sensitive, small in diameter, and totally submersible.
  • Runs all day on standard or rechargeable “D” batteries.
  • Input pipe materials, diameters, and lengths by simply selecting them in the program menus. The automatic functions can do the rest.
  • The Main Processor Unit displays the correlation "picture" and the distances to the leak from the Red pre-amp transmitter and the Blue pre-amp transmitter.

Technical Specifications

Main Processor Unit

Operating Temperature Range:-10 to 50°C
External Dimensions:
7.8 inches (W) x 4.0 inches (D) x 9.9 inches (H)
Approx. 6.8 lb. (with batteries)
4 "D" Cells (std or rechargeable)
Continuous Operating Time:3 hours minimum (at 20°C, backlight OFF)
Minimum Operating Voltage:4.2V
Input:Radio or Cable
Display:Dot matrix LCD
Operation:Polarity correlation
Td Range:50ms, 100ms, d200ms, 400ms, 800ms, 1600ms or automatic setting
Time Resolution:25 µs (in 50ms range), 50 µs (in 100ms range)
100 µs (in 200ms range), 200 µs (in 400ms range)
400 µs (in 800ms range), 800 µs (in 1600ms range)
Filter Range:THRU, 80Hz to 5,000Hz (4 low and 4 high)
Notch Filter:OFF, 50Hz, 60Hz
Auto Filter:Automatically selected from FFT operation
Data Memory:100 correlations
FFT Monitor:1kHz, 2.5kHz, 5kHz (common to both channels)
Sound Memory:For 16 seconds
External Interface:RS-232C
Red and Blue Pre-Amplifiers

Operating Temperature Range:
-10 to 50°C
Applicable Standard:IP52 (weather tight)
External Dimensions:5.9 inches (W) x 4.3 inches (D) x 14.5 inches (H)
Weight:Approx. 6.3 lb. (with batteries)
Battery:6 "D" Cells (std or rechargeable)
Continuous Operating Time:10 hours minimum (at 20ºC, backlight OFF)
Minimum Operating Voltage:6.0V
Input:Input Frequency Range:
20Hz to 5kHz (at THRU filter setting)
100Hz to 5KHz (at STD filter setting)

Input Sensitivity:
50 micro V, max.

Signal to Noise Ratio:
35dB, min.
Radio Communication System:
Output Frequency:
UHF under approved freq.

Direct frequency modulation  

Output Power:
0.5W (500mW)

Output Impedance:

Key Features

  • Type: Piezoelectric pick-up 
  • Voltage Sensitivity: 2.5V/g (peak) 
  • Applicable Standard: IP68 (water-proof) 
  • Drop Resistance: 3 feet (asphalt) 
  • External Dimensions: 1.2 inches diameter x 5.1 inches high 
  • Weight: 15 ounces each 
  • Power Supply System: 3-wire 
  • Output Impedance: 100, max. 
  • Power Supply Voltage: 5.0V